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Rocks 1 w122cm X h91cm
Rocks 1 detail
Mount Sturgeon
Rocks 2 w91cm X h61cm
Rocks 2 detail
Mount Sturgeon w122cm X h91cm
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The Inlet - Diptich
The Inlet - Diptich w244cm x h91cm
the Inlet leftside the Inlet right side The Inlet Detail 1 The Inlet Detail 2 The Inlet Detail 3
The Inlet Details 1,2 & 3
Breaking Light
Breaking Light h101cm x 101cm
Breaking Light Detail 1 Breaking Light Detail 2
Breaking Light Details 1&2
Weathered Range Weathered Range Detail
Weathered Range h101cm x w101cm
Weathered Range Detail
Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach w122cm x h91cm
Morning Glory
     Morning Glory
                             w101cm X 101cm
Morning Glory Detail 1
                            Detail 1 Morning Glory
Morning Glory Detail 2
                                     Detail 2 Morning Glory
Before I Woke w101 x h101
Detail 1
Detail 2
Large canvasses Large canvasses